The ultimate power solution for your industrial , commercial and residential electrical needs and issues.

Juice - industrial electricians  has the ultimate power solution for your industrial , commercial and residential electrical needs and issues. We provide the following main services: Electrical maintenance, Electrical installation, Trouble shooting, Projects on Energy saving, Solar solution, Generator solution and Power factor correction.

Our company received high customer satisfaction ratings due to our unrivalled workmanship. Our staff are experienced professionals who have gained modern techniques from their years of service in the Electrical industry. We have highly trained workers who constantly take additional knowledge from seminars and trainings.

We always keep a checklist of work to be done  to ensure efficiency in our task. Our Electrical maintenance services involve the following: For houses, industries and commercial buildings we do electrical re-wiring. Repairs related to general electric. Repairs of faulty electrical system such as switches, plugs and lights. Assisting any power supply problems and issues. Electrical reticulation.


Our Energy saving project will help the household in reducing unnecessary energy consumption and unnecessary spending of money. This can be done in customize power saving packages that comes in great deals! This way we are not just benefitting our budget plan but also our community. Think about the energy we could save if most homes, industries and commercial establishment are energy savers.




Premium SEO Auckland

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