Planning a Memorable Vacation

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a road trip and thanks to Epic Rentals, I can plan a memorable vacation. To ensure the best experience, I have to plan my road trip and the first thing I do is decide my destination. For most of my road trips, I choose a nearby town and enjoy a nice drive to and from my destination, spend some quality time in a new place, and drive back home all in a day. I have to choose a route and I always ensure that it is scenic. Although a longer route may take me longer to arrive at my destination, it’s worth it because the views are more interesting. 

I also have to consider my vehicle because some cars aren’t meant for long road trips. Small crossover SUVs, sports cars, and convertibles are preferable. I also go for cars with excellent gas mileage because it will go a long way in reducing the total cost of my trip. I also ensure that there’s enough room for my passengers because we shall be spending a lot of time in the vehicle. I prefer hiring a car because the rental company always provides me with well maintained vehicles. 

During family road trips, I plan for stops because we shall be taking small breaks from travelling. I schedule stops appropriately so that very 2 to 3 hours we stop at an interesting town, park or shopping center. Even though I’m the one driving, I’m charge of the entertainment. I make sure that my kids bring their books, magazines, puzzles, and media players to keep them busy along the way. The good thing about a road trip is that I’m never in a hurry to reach my destination. The drive is what’s more important and I prefer using the road rather than flying to my destination.