Getting to Know Your Videographer

If you are looking to cover an event in Christchurch, Christchurch videographers can be found in your area, but before you settle for a videographer to cover your event. Find out the following information about them to be sure you get the right videographer who will not disappoint you.

Film style

You should know beforehand the shooting style of your videographer. Ask them if their style leans more towards any of the following styles, indie, retro, documentary, cinematic or classic. This is very important since a style suitable for a wedding may not be convinient for a conference.

Past work

Ask them for some samples of their past work to get a feel of what their finished products look like.

Expertise and experience

Ask about the nature of the events they normally cover, whether it's meetings, conferences or weddings. Find out the level of their experience in each field and determine if they know enough about the kind of event you need covered.

Customer reviews

Consider the reviews about their business, having more bad reviews means they cannot deliver quality. Having more positive reviews is a good sign. It means other people relied on them and they delivered a worthwhile product. This is the kind of person you want covering your event.

Ask for references

Ask for references and get more information about the videographer and their service. A videographer with a reliable reference can be trusted.

Types of videos

Ask about the types of vdeos they can cover. Types such as instant replay, trailer, comprehensive, live streaming among others. Discuss the options with them and figure out what would suit your event best.


Ask if they bring their own lighting or if you will have to hire a separate lighting specialist.


Ask about their prices, dicuss with them and determine a price that you are both comfortable with. It's very important you understand the mechanics of the pricing so that you are not surprised with your bill and product. Like if the pricing includes editing or not. Their pricing should align with your budget.


Ask about the equipment they use and if they have all the right tools to do the job. You don't want to find out at the last minute that your videographer has only one camera and yet you need them to cover the different angles of the event.

In conclusion, you should research and get familiar with the services of your videographer before you hire them. Plan a head for the best results.